Uncrackable encryption from other universes of set theory

Project funded by the Vector Foundation

Ordinary cryptographic methods to encrypt data are usually based on the limitations of memory, speed and capacity of modern computers. For instance, the RSA method uses the product of two large prime numbers and for decrypting the message the unique prime factor decomposition of the product is needed which takes even the best super computers inefficiently long. However, in theory it is possible to crack this kind of codes.  The search for provably unbreakable encryption is therefore of greatest importance.

In our project we will combine cryptography and set theory which is a novel attempt to produce a new method for encryption. More explicitly, we will use the method of forcing which is well-known in set theory and turn it into an encryption algorithm. If this works theoretically we will also implement the algorithm and produce a corresponding software.

The project is funded by the Vector Foundation within the MINT program for one year and starts in January 2018. We would like to thank the Vector foundation for their kind support.